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Termites are also known as white ants, even though they are not directly allied to true ants. They live on the dead plant stuff and for us; this can be more considerable as they will joyfully chew via the stump of complete residence without being observed.

Even though they can be ecologically essential in recycling dead plant materials, we do not wish them to damage any of our beautiful woodwork at the home.

Termites can cause a huge structural as well as financial damage to your residence or commercial properties. They are also called silent destroyers as they secretly hide and thrive in residence or courtyard with no signal of damage. This type of pest mostly lives on dead plant material and wood.

Termites have their personal colony which comprises of a queen, worker, and soldier. Keep in mind, a queen is capable of producing 30,000 eggs per day. So, imagine how harmful it will be if you have all those termites in your residence.

Better have termite inspection each year as a precaution.  The mouth of termite has the capability to tear pieces of woody substances and this capability may affect your residence.

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Termite control Sydney needs a strategic and integrated approach and Routine Pest controls investigate your specific situation and customize a terminate treatment according to your necessity.

You can trust Routine pest for any type of termite Control service you require in Sydney. We are a one-stop-shop for pest and termites control in Sydney.

Our well experienced and termite qualified technicians will help you to protect both residential and commercial properties. They will also inspect, detect and solve the termite issues.  We are fully licensed, insured and have a reasonable quote to retain our customers in a healthy way.