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Why Routine Pest?

As a commercial Pest Control Company, Routine pest takes advantage of recent trend and technology, including safe chemicals and resourceful equipment. We understand that each of us has a different pest control need, and we are proud to tailor our services to suit your requirements.


Being based in Sydney, Routine Pest Control provides a wide range of services for both Residential and Commercial areas.


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Whether you’ve got a full-time job or got a busy schedule with your kids, you don’t have to worry at all! You can arrange your service with us anytime that is suitable for you. We work 7 days a week including evenings at no extra cost.

Cockroach Control Sydney

Cockroaches are undoubtedly one of the unwanted guests in our home, which not only looks nasty but also is responsible for causing gastro diseases. We all want to be a mile away from cockroaches but as a matter of fact, they are exceptionally good at hiding from you within your home. This means you definitely need a trained person to deal with them. Our trained staff have been effective in eradicating cockroaches from many houses in Sydney over the past years. Read more

Ants Control Sydney

Ants, as we all know, live in a large colony so they enter our houses in search of food for the entire group. This could be really annoying for anyone as killing them one by one is almost impossible. Not only this, some ants can be dangerous as they can give you a painful bite too. Routine Pest offers an extensive range of Ants control Sydney service which helps you get rid of ants inside and outside your property. Read more

Termite Control Sydney

Termites are the pest that can cause extreme damage to the structure of the building if they are not handled properly. Termites Control Sydney service offered by Pest control includes qualified pest professionals dealing with all the termite issues. We perform thorough inspection of the house to determine the areas affected, and discuss the treatment plans with you to remove termites from your house effectively. Read More

Mosquito Control Sydney

Mosquitoes have a significant role in transmitting harmful disease like malaria, and they could be found anywhere near stagnant water sources as it is favorable for them to breed. Even though, malaria has not been recognized as endemic in NSW, there has been few instances where this disease has harmed people in Sydney. Our mosquito control trained staff will help you identify the areas where the treatment needs and will help to eradicate the mosquitoes from your living areas. Read more

Routine Pest Control Sydney

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Pest Control FAQs

1. Are you Sydney-based pest control Company?

Yes, we are 100% Australian owned, Sydney-based Pest Control Company located at 11-15 Nelson Street, Penshurst NSW 2222.

2. How long does the pest control treatment take?

A typical treatment takes around 20-30 minutes, however, large yards might take longer time to treat. In case, your property needs a second treatment, we will discuss the timeframe required for the second one after our first service.

3. How much does it cost?

As every property size and affected areas vary, we provide you the cost based on the size of the affected area and the quantity of product we will utilize to solve your issue. Please contact us detailing your property size to acquire accurate quote.

4. Will the smell of the chemicals irritate me?

Generally no, however, we advise our clients to take necessary precautions after the treatment is done, and particularly if they are allergic to typical smell.

5. Are the chemicals you use for pest control safe?

Yes, we only use chemicals that are proven to be safe to all including your kids and pets. We use chemicals produced from natural derivates, which do not harm your pets but we suggest removing their food and water bowls before we carry out work and put the bowls back after the completion of the pest control.

6. What should I do after treatment?

After treatment, we suggest you to keep an eye on the frequency of appearance of the pest, and not to touch the chemicals we have used for at least a week. If the appearance of the pest is still frequent, you can immediately call us for next service at a minimum price. In some packages, where we provide guarantee, follow up services could be free of cost.


Thank you for your Professional, and timely service, most importantly,
your knowledge and expertise you showed in solving my problem with
termites. It was a pleasure working you’re your company during my time of
need. Thank you

Beverly Clark
Beverly ClarkRoseville Chase, Sydney

Professional consultation, timely service, most importantly, expertise. A local company providing the best for your needs.

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